Building Fitness Assessment

LITMAS conducts investigations and gap analysis to provide management plans that promote and ensure fit workplaces and other indoor spaces.

Hidden Contamination Identification

LITMAS identifies hidden and pre-existing contamination issues in a building arising from historic damage, unseen building failure or buildings that have been out of service due to an extended period of shut down and reduced occupation.

Remediation Risk Management

LITMAS provides bespoke in-person and remote Occupational Hygiene inspections, project management, training and expert laboratory analysis prior to and after fire, sewage, mould, or infection outbreak through in-house and specialised external expertise.

COVID-19 Cleaning Verification

LITMAS provides laboratory analysis to demonstrate successful cleaning and soil removal where the presence of SARS-CoV-2 (that causes COVID-19) is a concern. We support the recommendations of the Indoor Air Quality Association Australia Guidelines option for modifying ATP and debris thresholds and provide training in how those Guidelines should be employed.

Airborne Mould Analysis

LITMAS measures airborne mould concentrations and describes the composition of airborne mould based on Microscopy from spore traps and filter cassettes.

Indoor Air Quality Complaint Investigation

LITMAS looks at the nature of complaints and the role of the organisation. We resolve concerns based on assessing the suitability of the workplace in the context of the complaint through the lens of scientific investigation and reassurance.

Indoor Environment Quality Certification Preparation

LITMAS helps clients prepare for building fitness Certification under NABERS Indoor Environment, WELL building rating or other relevant building fitness assessment scheme.

Surface Bacterial Measurement

LITMAS analyses bacterial samples to support hygienic conditions post-remediation and to meet IAQA Australia Guidelines and sewage contamination remediation.

Professional Opinion

LITMAS can support your work by way of expert testimony, reports or presentations, peer review and podcasts or webinars all backed by scientific qualifications and a nationally recognised figure in indoor air quality.


LITMAS stands for Leading Inspection, Training, Monitoring and Analytical Science. Through these services LITMAS provides trusted services that allow clients to focus on their own organisation and less on the fitness of their buildings.

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