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LITMAS builds its reputation on five pillars of


As an Australian-owned organisation, all appointments to LITMAS are conducted within the requirements of Australian recognised industry Standards and Guidelines, and where these are not available, International Standards and Industry Guidelines.

We strive to offer excellent client experiences, and monitor our appointments closely. We ensure our systems prevent and fix leakage or gaps in our operations. All staff are up to speed with Scientific and industry developments, and we judge our performance based on flexible delivery and technology-based communication, documentation and information.

Our laboratory manages risk around human interpretation by engaging automated systems to support subjective assessments. Where applicable, all work is compliant with relevant laboratory standards.

Fast track internal handling is our mandate, so we take your data and populate our systems with no manual entry, removing potential transcription errors and avoiding client project delays through double handling of your data. We keep our costs competitive and ensure our microscopy equipment and software are optimal to exceed industry benchmarks.


LITMAS uses its in-house indoor environment expertise to assess client needs, and to quickly identify if and when we need  our network of external international professional collaborators to provide more cost-effective services that meet agreed timeframes.

Our collaborators include those with expertise across:

  • building inspection
  • health and safety documentation and compliance
  • restoration
  • fire engineering
  • insurance
  • laboratories
  • disinfection
  • building and engineering services
  • training
  • organisational psychology
  • research
  • social and environmental supply chain sustainability
  • other specialisms if required

Express Service

LITMAS building fitness and recovery teams understand the need for quick resolution to unfit buildings. We provide a series of intermittent steps that allow incremental completion and reduce delays in returning the building to a fit-for-purpose and pre-loss condition.

We provide a programmed series of delivery milestones for each appointment and accept accountability for delivery around those timeframes.

LITMAS-Lab offers our regular cost effective 3-day service, but whenever we can we provide the answers more quickly. Where faster results are needed, we aim to turn around samples on the same or next day.

LITMAS provides a range of sample collection or delivery services to minimise delays and loss of valuable samples when posting samples or sending by courier delivery.

Extra Time

LITMAS building fitness and recovery teams provide pictorial and graphical compact information and summary findings separately or optionally to our more detailed reports. This can save you time and cost in absorbing complex documents and then having to create images to simplify the message or to report on Key Performance Indicators.

We join you on site remotely and record content so you can get feed-back at the start and we can derive an informed assessment plan to save you duplicating information with us.

We work online and offline with you to provide Cloud-based access to all documents whether that be laboratory reports or site records, experts opinions or legal material.

LITMAS-Lab provides the option of  using our Autofill service – an extra-simplified automatic top-up for sampling equipment based on what you tell us you need or what you send for analysis. Autofill ensures continual supply of site consumables and testing packs.  Contact us for pricing.

Extra Care

From time of appointment until final delivery, LITMAS establishes a rapport with a client to ensure all steps are explained and fees agreed.

We reaffirm the needs we are resolving by taking time to understand the issue and establish the background. We then examine each case internally before appointing the most suitable person/s available to resolve the issue.

We always take seriously the sensitivity of our work, and draw appropriate boundaries in our document sharing and storage and communication.

We provide non-disclosure agreements early in inquiry so that each party can speak freely and grasp our processes. We take time to listen to any client  concerns and describe possible solutions to creating trust in the occupants of the building whilst we commence necessary investigations or consulting.

Litmas-Lab offers you a one stop drop-off point for your mould, bacteria and for other post-remediation or post-cleaning, debris analysis to allow for prompt processing.

Litmas-Lab provides easy to translate outputs for your data, and LITMAS provides help in interpreting the findings in the context of your sampling and site conditions.


LITMAS stands for Leading Inspection, Training, Monitoring and Analytical Science. Through these services LITMAS provides trusted services that allow clients to focus on their own organisation and less on the fitness of their buildings.

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