Health Care

It is often necessary to show that the fitness of a building is not being compromised by escape of an organism that could be toxic, cause an allergy, asthma attack, respiratory distress, or infection.

LITMAS provides support to those managing health care related practices and facilities. Visitors, patients, and residents are more prone to adverse health impacts in health care settings, and therefore ensuring the highest levels of integrity and professionalism is critical.

We provide project consultation, site investigation support and reliable independent laboratory services to mitigate risk in health care settings.

Supported by speedy delivery, streamlined reporting and administration and easy access platforms including remote site support and data analysis.

LITMAS services:

  • Healthcare facilities (Surgeries, Clinics and Hospitals)
  • Allied service facilities (Dentists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists)
  • Aged care facilities

Common indoor environment problems faced are:

  • Microbial contamination and infection spread between patients and staff
  • Chemicals used for procedures or disinfection
  • Airborne particulate matter emissions which contain harmful agents such as mould, infective viruses, or bacteria
  • Microscopic surface soiling

Insurance & Restoration

Commercial & Strata

Residential & Body Corporate

Travel & Tourism

Recreation & Retail


Occupational Hygienists



LITMAS stands for Leading Inspection, Training, Monitoring and Analytical Science. Through these services LITMAS provides trusted services that allow clients to focus on their own organisation and less on the fitness of their buildings.

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