Surface Debris Measurement

LITMAS measures debris based on:

  • Testing for evidence of human, pollen or fire-related residues that may indicate inadequate remediation of fire, hoarding, trauma etc. contaminated sites

Measurement is reported as a percentage loading of different types of debris based on the area of a microscope field of view where light is occluded by opaque material

Reports show the extent of loading, or the presence/absence of:

  • Human and insect detritus
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Fire residues
  • Absence or presence of sewage related bacteria
  • Soot residue


  • Increased confidence that settled mould was due to normal fungal ecology
  • Presence/absence of human detritus (hair and skin) in accordance with the IAQAA Guidelines for Cleaning Verification
  • Verification of cleaning effectiveness in removal of microscopic general debris (soiling) in keeping with IAQAA Guidelines
  • Compliant modification of ATP thresholds for a highly granular or deteriorating surface / location / elected cleaning and disinfection regime

Compliant with ASTM D7658-17 and ASTM D5755-09 (2014) e-1


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