Commercial & Strata

LITMAS provides a suite of Consulting and Analysis services to help owners, Strata and facility managers, landlords and tenants better understand and manage indoor environment risks and provide buildings that are fit for their intended purpose.

Reported inferior indoor environments in commercial buildings often result in both lost revenue and growth opportunity. Anxiety can lead to stress and physical symptoms that result in complaints and absenteeism.

Specific problems encountered by commercial / strata buildings where you need LITMAS include:

  • Tenant complaints about illness
  • Staff work refusal due to concerns about workplace safety
  • Thermal comfort complaints
  • Odour complaints
  • Noise complaints
  • Air quality concerns
  • Mould growth
  • Infection spread

Insurance & Restoration

Residential & Body Corporate

Travel & Tourism

Recreation & Retail


Occupational Hygienists

Health Care



LITMAS stands for Leading Inspection, Training, Monitoring and Analytical Science. Through these services LITMAS provides trusted services that allow clients to focus on their own organisation and less on the fitness of their buildings.

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