Residential & Body Corporate

LITMAS assists residential owners, residential property managers, Body Corporates and building tenants identify causes and resolve building contamination issues. These parties often feel the other is responsible for damage from water leaks, condensation and mould growth, water or other damage in a building.

We provide assessment of buildings where complex issues are present, and support that work with laboratory analytical services to support our investigation.

LITMAS analyses mould and surface debris to identify the extent of damage and to prove  cleaning and remediation effectiveness.

We provide assistance in managing and measuring environmental factors to prevent confusion in the future.

The main air quality issues faced in residential buildings include:

  • Carbon dioxide build up and poor ventilation
  • High moisture levels and mould growth
  • Suspected toxic residues from bushfire or house fire
  • Unpleasant odours
  • Disease risk from pests

Areas most affected are:

  • Kitchens – leaking pipes or appliance failure
  • Toilets – broken plumbing and dry floor drains
  • Laundries – leaks and condensation
  • Roof voids – water ingress, mould and ceiling discolouration
  • Common areas
  • Lifts and other commonly shared corridors
  • Swimming pool and spas – mould, poor air quality around chemicals

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LITMAS stands for Leading Inspection, Training, Monitoring and Analytical Science. Through these services LITMAS provides trusted services that allow clients to focus on their own organisation and less on the fitness of their buildings.

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