Airborne Mould Analysis

LITMAS measures and describes the composition of airborne Mould based on Microscopy from spore traps and filter cassettes.

Where results show no difference in analytical findings to the background location, no water damage is deemed to be contributing to the mould load in the tested premises.


  • Airborne mould concentration of over 20 mould types and structures across water damage related mould and normal fungal ecology based on fungal structures per m3 of air (fs/m3)
  • Easy to read tabulated and visual comparison images to quickly compare test and reference locations
  • Accessible graphical outputs for easier site reporting
  • Values that indicate proximity to a mould source
  • Values that indicate growth in confined spaces inaccessible for inspection
  • Additional indicators of the proximity of mould growth are reported

Standards Employed and Recommended by Litmas (click to open):

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